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First, the business purpose: to Germany Zhengxintai courtesy line with law to regulate vulgar law explicitly rule by the private channel waste more clear rules and systems under

Second, the entrepreneurial spirit: unity and pragmatic, innovative three Bona Bona core values: honesty, integrity and innovation: Entrusted by the people, loyalty and business of the people; open communication, respect for dissent.

Cooperation: Cooperation with colleagues, groups of co-operation, collaboration with customers, sincere cooperation with all objects can cooperate.

Learning: We learn from everyone, including our competitors, learn their strengths.

Innovation: endless innovation, innovation starting with me

Boehner talent: with Yin Yin Shi Xian recognize because people do not waste words

Boehner Quality: Top Design Master Plan

Boehner service concept: high quality and efficient sincere specification

Boehner marketing concept: honesty and trustworthiness, to achieve a win-win

Work style: on the matter, Albert, day high and day four, morality groomed polite

Advocating science resist evil

Must go on helping others

Compliance to maintain order

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